Exploitive “Share if You’re Not Ashamed of Me” Facebook Scams

Many  posts have been appearing on Facebook that feature photographs of  people with disabilities telling you to share to prove that you are not ashamed of the them. Other versions claim that nobody likes or loves the people depicted in the images because they are disabled and, therefore, nobody will share their posts.

This is yet another form of like-farming and the posts are the work of callous and contemptible Facebook users that are simply trying to garner attention and/or to promote their pages by tricking people into liking, sharing, and commenting. The images featured in these scam posts are stolen from other sources and used without the permission of the people they depict. The posts are extremely demeaning and disrespectful to the people shown in the stolen pictures. If one of these posts comes your way, do not help the disgusting scammers who create them by liking, sharing, or commenting.

Many kind-hearted Facebook users do like, share, and comment on such posts because they honestly believe that, by doing so, they are showing empathy and support for the people in the pictures. But, alas, those who choose to participate are in fact playing directly into the hands of the utterly contemptible individuals who create such posts. These immoral and self-serving people steal the photographs from other sources for use in their fraudulent posts. The photographs are used without the permission or knowledge of the people they depict. And, of course, the messages suggesting that the pictured people need your shares and likes is a callous lie.