Facebook Blocks Personality Quizzes

The Cambridge Analytica data breach was one of the biggest controversies to ever rock Facebook, and in many ways, the company is still struggling to deal with the fallout. This week, the tech giant took another step to address issues brought to light by the scandal, changing its policies to ban data-sucking personality quiz apps. It should be noted though that Cambridge Analytica were only one of hundreds that created apps to harvest personal data from Facebook users, others include Name Tests, Buzzfeed, OMG and many more.

“Apps with minimal utility that provide predictions, assessments, or similar outputs to the user, may not be allowed on Platform,” Facebook said in its revised Platform Policy. “For example, apps that provide (or claim to provide) users with assessments of personality, personal attributes, character traits, behavioural tendencies, or whose core functionality otherwise involves making predictions about who the user is, may not be allowed.”

However, even though Facebook is specifically targeting personality quizzes, it’s important to note that they’re not the real problem. These simple apps are merely a tool that can be easily abused to collect users’ information. For instance, as many as 87 million people had their data improperly accessed by Cambridge Analytica through a quiz app called “thisisyourdigitallife.” The real problem is that Facebook allowed app developers to run wild for years, collecting data with minimal oversight or enforcement. So while this latest Facebook policy change is welcome, it also arrived awfully late and more steps like this need to be taken.

Other types of apps are still in circulation that steal Facebook users personal data. Watch out and read the app permissions when you first use the app or better still DO NOT USE ANY APPS ON FACEBOOK!

Also check the apps in your settings and remove them as you may have already granted permissions previously and forgotten about them. they can continue to access personal info on your account without you realising.

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