Head and Shoulders Survey Scam Again!

This scam has been circulating the internet since 2003, now 2017 and it’s making more appearances.

“You Will Not Use Head & Shoulders Shampoo After Watching This Video,” which supposedly graphically illustrated the deleterious effects of using that popular brand of shampoo. (Later versions substituted Dove brand shampoo for Head & Shoulders.) The static image accompanying the posts was the one displayed above, which allegedly pictures some form of bizarre injury or infection that befall a user of that brand of shampoo.

The image itself is a Photoshop hoax, merging a picture of a lotus seed pod with a picture of a human shoulder.

The seed pod from the Lotus flower
The seed pod from the Lotus flower

The referenced video does not exist, and the purpose of the hoax is to serve as a lure to get Facebook users to complete yet another survey scam: those who clicked through on the teaser link hoping to view the Head & Shoulders video were instead taken to a screen that forced them to first share the link with others on Facebook and/or verify their age by completing a survey that promised a  VISA Gift Card for its completion.

If you have been tricked into sharing these scams to your Facebook timeline, make sure you delete them straight away or your friends and family can be scammed also.

The best way to handle such scams is to ignore them, do not click through on associated links, don’t share those links on Facebook, and do not participate in any related surveys.


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