Like and Share for Prayers or Donations [Scam]

Facebook will NOT donate money to any cause based on the number of likes or shares that a photo receives. Several photos of injured or sick children and animals are circulating on Facebook claiming that Facebook will donate a certain amount of money for each like or share the photo receives.
Please do not share these photos with your friends. So many people have the mentality of, “What if it’s real.” Although they have good intentions, they probably don’t realize that spreading these photos can be painful to the parents and families of the children exploited by these hoaxes. Many of the children have passed, and imagine how devastating it would be for the parent to see the likeness of their child being misused in this way.
Please report any photo that you see like this to Facebook. If they receive enough complaints, then they will eventually take action. Do not comment on or share the photo with your friends, as this helps keep the hoax spreading.
If you or your Facebook friends are falling for tricks like this, it’s time to get yourself informed of the latest threats. Be sure to join unHoax on Facebook to be kept informed of the latest Facebook hoaxes, scams and security issues.

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