Online Quizzes, Harmless Fun Right?…Wrong!

Online quizzes are fun right?, and they’re designed to be tempting and use psychology to lure you in. That’s why they’re so popular, but precisely because of that they mostly used by cyber criminals. Most of the quizzes you encounter will have malicious purposes (with very few exceptions).

I hear people say these quizzes are dumb when in fact they are very smart.

These quizzes are not made out of the goodness of the developers heart, they want to harvest your information, steal from you or sell your information onto others.

The Psychology

The user is given the impression that the quizzes for example are difficult, when in fact they are purposely easy so that the user gets good results thus stroking their ego into thinking they have done well so they will most likely share the result, this results in spreading the link to as many people as possible. So by sharing these app results you are putting those on your friends list at risk also!

What Are The Dangers Of Online Quizzes?

They can steal your identity or gain access to your different accounts, particularly bank and financial accounts.

This can be done by either gaining info via the questions themselves or by stealth install of malicious malware/spyware like key loggers that can steal your login information.

With that malware installed, they can track your online activity and record keystrokes to get your usernames and passwords. They could access every piece of data you have and steal or misuse your personal and sensitive information.

Some may be click-bait, perhaps less harmful but they are just earning money by wasting your time, site clicks increase the value of the domain.

Danger to Your Friends and Family

When using and sharing these online quizzes you are not just putting yourself at risk, but your friends and family too! Because you have no control over the links and content that is posted by the website, this will put anyone clicking on the shared link at risk also.

So How Can You Protect Yourself?

It’s simple! DON’T USE THEM!