Protecting Your Facebook Account: Friends List


Facebook added the hide friends option for a reason… it’s a privacy and security feature. Having your friends list public can leave you open to several issues, like stalkers, account cloning and even identity theft. Not only will hiding your friends help to protect you from these problems but also those that are on your friends list.

Luckily it’s a quick and simple procedure to do.

First go to your own Facebook profile page and either scroll down to the friends section on the left hand sidebar or simply click the ‘friends’ link under your timeline header.

Once there you will see either a drop-down arrow if you scrolled or a pencil icon if you ticked, both in the top right hand corner of the friends area. (see image below)


click on ‘Edit privacy’ you will then get a popup screen that looks like this image below.


Then simply choose ‘Only me’ and click on the ‘Done’ button in bottom right hand corner to save your choice.

That’s it, your done. Your Facebook account will be a little more secure.


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