Trip to Lapland – Facebook Like-farming Scam

According to a post that is currently being shared on Facebook, you can win a family trip to Lapland this Christmas just by liking, sharing, and commenting.

Supposedly, the prize includes flights, hotel accommodation, and even a meeting with Santa himself.

But, alas, the promised prize does not exist and those who choose to participate have no chance of winning any prizes.

In fact, the post is a typical like-farming scam as is the Facebook Page it comes from.  Posts from such scam Facebook Pages are designed to collect as many likes as possible in the shortest possible time.

Once the Page has accumulated a large number of likes, it can then be reused to perpetrate other types of scams, this time to a much larger potential audience.

Or, the Page made be sold on the black market to other scammers, who will use it for their own needs.

Scam Facebook Pages like this one continue to be very common.