Win A Car Scam

Facebook posts claiming to be giving away free cars are common place on social networking sites like Facebook.

The posts claim that users can win a free car (often high value prestige models) if they simply share, like and comment on the page and post.

These are fake pages set up by criminals to trick users into liking and sharing, know as like-farming.

These pages have no connection with the genuine brands (who incidentally never give away free cars)

The purpose of these posts is to gain as many likes and shares as possible to make the page of high value on the black market so it can be illegally sold.

We’ve been warning of these types of scams for a long time and people continue to fall for them “just in case” they’re true. However these scams often lead to victims being targeted with excessive spam and even identity theft.

Do not share these links on your own timeline as you are only putting your own friends at risk of the same scam, you are also helping criminals and remember to delete them if you have fallen for these scams in the past.

some typical examples

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